Nicholas Van Winkle
PO Box 121 :: Hunters, WA 99137
509.722.3592 :: ::

Relevant Skills

  • Proficient in C/C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Basic, and PHP/MySQL.
  • Experienced with some DirectX and the OpenGL API.
  • Able to create tools and games using MFC, Win32, and Windows GDI.
  • Functional knowledge of Maya.

Current Projects
Lazteroids 2 :: A remake of my 2D space shooter, Lazteroids. The game will have the same top-down view, but will be rendered with 3D graphics and models. Engine will use the OpenGL rendering API and will be built from scratch.

Completed Projects
The Omega Initiative :: A 3D top-down action arcade shooter, similar to Smash TV, Total Carnage, or Mercs. A team of three has been deployed to a remote island to stop an evil nuclear madman from destroying the world. Tasks included a particle engine and Win32 particle editor, menu system, and the HUD. 5 man team, to be finished over a two month period, plus one month of pre-production.

Megaman Clone :: A Megaman clone done for Structure of Game Production. Choose between either Megaman or Zero and battle through four stages, destroying enemies and picking up loots as you go. Tasks included creating the tile-based rendering engine, which supports animated tiles, and uses the DirectDraw interface, as well as a complex level editor which supports multiple layers. Four man team, completed in three weeks.

Lazteroids :: An Asteroids clone done in DirectDraw for Structure of Game Design. You take control of a state-of-the-art ship and set out to destroy wandering asteroids and alien UFOs. Solo project, completed in two weeks.

Pong Clone :: Created for the Fundamentals of Windows Programming class using Windows GDI. Battle your best friend, or an AI opponent, to decide who is the best pong player around! Features include particles, 3D balls and paddles, and two-player AI mode. Solo project, completed in one week.

LameEdit :: A tile-based map editor. Created using Windows GDI, and features a "random map" option, which properly creates a race track from start to finish. Solo project, completed in one week.

Symphony of the Five Rings :: A windows console side-scrolling game. Old-school Castelvania-style action game, in which you must eliminate the enemy threat and grab as many weapons and armor enhancements as possible to defeat the guardian dragon. Created as an extra credit project for our C++ class. My job included ASCII animations, and ASCII effects. Three man team, completed in one month.

Full Sail Real World Education :: Winter Park, FL

  • Associate of Science in Game Design and Development
  • 900+ hours of hands-on C/C++ experience

Del Rio High School :: Del Rio, TX

  • One year of Pascal experience
  • Two years of C/C++ experience
  • On a team that received first place in a regional high school programming competition

Related Work Experience
Del Rio LIVE!/ :: Del Rio, TX :: January, 2001 - June, 2002; October 2003 - April 2004

  • PHP/MySQL Web Developer, Web Designer, System Administrator
DataPort, Inc :: Hunters, WA :: March, 2005 - Current

  • PHP/MySQL Developer, Web Designer, Application Developer

References available upon request