So if you're at my website, you're probably looking at my wonderful game making abilities, right? ;)

Well, there is more that I can do than just C++ programming. I can design banner-ads, websites, program in PHP, a whole slew of computer related things. The following will be a little portfolio of mine, showing my skills with graphic design, web development, and PHP/MySQL programming.


PHP Examples

This is a classified ads system I created for the company I work for. It has a backend interface that lets you add/remove categories, and view all the posted ads. It does not utomatically charge credit cards, so that has to be done manually.

And here we have a coupon script. This coupon script lets the admin add, remove, and edit clients. The clients can log in and add/edit/remove coupons. The coupon page itself acts similar to that of a shopping cart system. You can view one coupon at a time and print it out, or you can add coupons to a cart. When you "Check out", it outputs all the coupons in your cart to the screen so you can print them out.

A carlot script for a local car dealership. This particular script has been used 2 other times on various car dealership sites that I have had to maintain. It's pretty easily swapped to other websites, with a little bit of editing of the scripts to change names and whatnot.

That's right. The site you are at right now was written in PHP. Not all of it though. The main news page, the links (When it gets done), and the projects are all managed by a nifty backend interface that makes it easy for me to mess with this stuff. The links should be done soon, .... or whenever I get around to it .... yeah.

I actually wrote this little image viewer script for my sons website (which is no longer up), but it is extremely easy to make it work with other things. I think it's a pretty cool script. No DB needed, it just reads every file in the images directory, and any corresponging .txt file for a caption.

I was instructed to write a script that would take a number and spell it out, for use on an e-check form (To write out the price in the price box, as you need to do on checks). After I did that, I decided to expand on it a bit. This script only handles integers, and the largest number it can print is 999 centillion (which is 10^303). If anyone knows of any number larger than a centillion, I'd sure like to know so I can update the script.


Website Examples

Online computer store for the company I work for. It runs off of the Shopside E-Commerce software, I just had to make it look pretty.

Website for a local car dealership.

This is a website for a local day care that I did.

Website for a local church. Lighthouse Penecostal or something like that.

Obviously a website that I designed. This site has been through numerous iterations, this being the 3rd I believe. Maybe 4th. One of the iterations can be partially seen by clicking here. Unfortunately, some of the images are broken.

Another website of mine, that isn't really doing much of anything. I like the layout, not sure what I'm going to do with the site though. Hopefully it'll be something of some use one day.


Graphic Design Examples

4-H of Del Rio

Bowlins 10 Minute Oil Change

Cafe Centrale

Central Church of Christ (NO LINK)

Del Rio LIVE! Classifieds (NO LINK)

Eldon Brown (NO LINK)

Del Rio LIVE! Holiday Advertisers (NO LINK)

Del Rio LIVE! Holiday Advertisers (NO LINK)

Luby's of Del Rio (NO LINK)

Luby's of Del Rio (NO LINK)

OR Sports & Dance Club

Plaza del Sol Mall

Plaza del Sol Mall (NO LINK)

Ram Country (NO LINK)

Ram Country (NO LINK)

Ram Country (NO LINK)

Ram Country

Del Rio Rotary Club

Comfort Tech

Widows Web Bar & Tatoo Parlor

American Passenger Travel

Amistad Florist

Calderon Electronics

Carmelitas Restaraunt

Central Church of Christ

Villarreal's Express Lube

Francisco Garcia

Oviedo's Machine Shop

Timberline Mortgage

Warren Studios