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Stein Nygård
Full Sail


June 13, 2002

I'm going to start on an OpenGL Breakout game today. It'll be much like Weeeee! Pong, same Perspective view, but it'll be breakout, and not pong. I just made pong to familurize myself with simple game concepts and bounding box collision detection. Will I continue to work on pong? I dunno. Keep an eye out.

I also sent an email to NeHe telling him about the site. I hope he mentions me. A link in his "links" section would rock my world too :]

By |Laz|

June 8, 2002

Well I managed to get some stuff done on the website and I uploaded a new version of weeeee Pong! It's in the Downloads section, check it out. It rules :D

By |Laz|

June 5, 2002

Stein Nygård got his new site up with some really cool Projects.

If anyone has a spare $15,000, please contact me.

By |Laz|

June 4, 2002

Well, the site is finally finished. All the links work, and all the downloads are up. Take a look around. Soon I will add my Resume and a link to my source code. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

By |Laz|