May 10, 2006
Hey I made this game a long time ago but i'm too lazy to upload it to my website (I need to develop a better backend to make this shit easier).

First Assault Recon Team

January 18, 2006
lol long time lol

Check out the button on the left. Click on it.

Talk to you again in another year.

April 22, 2005
I live in Washington now. I got a job as a PHP programmer for a local company up here. It's pretty cool, though I miss the Texas weather. I don't like cold, I don't like it at all. Me and cold don't get a long.

I've slowly but surely been working on Lazteroids 2. Eventually I'll put some screenshots up (so all .02 of you who visit my website) can take a gander at the beauty that is Lazteroids 2. The thing I'm fearing writing the most is the camera class. I'm not sure if I want to keep it locked in a top-down perspective, or if I want to be able to zoom in and out, rotating around an object, etc... Locking it in top-down would be easiest, but 3D would be cool. I'll figure something out eventually.

This Microsoft Outlook reminder window keeps popping up. Maybe I should do something about it rather than hitting the "Snooze" button on it. Eventually...

So a buddy of mine, Jim, over at Totally Screwed Software, has been making cool games for a while. A few times I have mentioned him on this site, and I haven't updated since he's released Survival Crisis Z, but it's out now. Go play it. He's almost finished up with Zombie Smashers X 2, which will really kick ass when done.

As you might be able to tell, if you actually have come to this site more than once, I changed some stuff. Minor cosmetic changes, nothing you'd notice without it being mentioned, so here we go.

  • The Resume button now has the proper accents on the letters.
  • The "Fun" button is gone and the "Portfolio" button has taken its place.
  • I put a portfolio up.
  • The ":)" button has been replaced with a "Dance!" button.
  • I put a page of dancing gifs. Don't ask me why. (dialup, beware, this page is not for you)
  • Now the only scrollable region is this white content area. Everything else stays where it is. (CSS rocks)
  • I added a "Home" Quick Link to every page.

That's about all for this update (Wow, big update). Eventually I will clean up the Projects section and make it work better. I hate its current functionality. I've been playing World of Warcraft as of late. If you happen to play and are on the Alleria server, look me up sometime. I'm on as either Lazareth (Night Elf Rogue) or Snots (Gnome Warrior). That's all for now, Peace!

January 6, 2005
 I don't remember... 
Go check out what a buddy of mine is doing. Talk about cool.

I remember playing megaman back in the good ol' days. Metalman was always my favorite enemy level, don't know why. Anyway, go have a looksie and be amazed at his leetness.

 Lazteroids 2?! OH EM GEE! 
Well I finally started working on Lazteroids 2. I've actually been working on it for the past 3 weeks or so, but lately, whenever I start up my compilter, I just stare at my code and get nothing done.

I've come to a few realizations. Whenever I get to a hurdle I have to jump, I can't. I just freeze and stare at code. What is the hurdle this time? It's mainly design and structure. That's all it usually is. I don't really have a problem coding this stuff, it's just he design. Here's a "for instance"...

The game is going to have a player ship, three types of UFOs, and blow-upable asteroids. I already have my CObject base class written, but now the problem is, how do I put the rest of the stuff in? what kind of classes do I use? How do I set them up? I have a few options. Here's is one way:

CPlayer : CObject
CUFO : CObject
CAsteroid: CObject;

That seems like the logical solution, I think, since each one needs to be handled differently. But I could also do:

CShip : CObject
CAsteroid : CObject

By doing this, I could define both UFOs and Players as a CShip, and just set a type variable. Or....

CPlayer : CObject
CBaddie : CObject

This is similar to the situation above. Set a type in the CBaddie for the TYPE of baddie (one of three UFOs or an asteroid). Problem here is, asteroid destruction needs to be handled differently than UFO destruction.

As I said, I will probably go with the first, as it would be easier to work with in the long run, and a bit more robust maybe? (Is that the right word, robust?). Who knows, I'll try it.

Part of my problem, also, is trying to convince myself that there is no wrong way to do something. If it works, then I did it the right way. It might not be the optimal way, or the cleanest way, but that doesn't make it wrong. I know that, I just have trouble convincing myself that.

So that's where I stand on Lazteroids 2. I even managed to write a reusable input wrapper. Go me.

June 26, 2004
 Projects up 
Okay, I finally got the projects up and running. Two of them are missing download files, and one is missing a screenshot. I have that stuff, just need to upload them.

No longer jobless, kinda. I'm doing contract web development. It's money in the bag, but it's not much. Whatever puts food in my kid's and wife's mouth and a roof over their head, that is all I'm concerned about. I don't care if I starve, as long as they don't. :)